Five Apps for Productivity

1. Spark Email by Readdle (MacOS/iOS | Free)

I discovered this email app after finally getting fed-up with Apple’s stock email app, on both my MacBook and my iPhone. I did some research and found this awesome app, which is unfortunately only available for those with Apple devices. It works with any email server so, if you’re like me and have a million email addresses, you can check them all in one place. So what makes it different than Apple’s stock email app? Basically, it comes down to the fact that it’s a bit more oriented towards organization: each email address is color-coded and so when checking your entire inbox, you can see which email came from which address, simply by identifying its color. Spark also has a Smart Inbox, which automatically categorizes your emails to make sorting through your messages quicker. I definitely recommend checking out Spark!

2. Cash by Square (iOS/Android/Website | Free)

I’m sure by now everyone’s heard of Venmo, the app where you can electronically transfer money to and from other users’ bank accounts. However, there is a lesser-known mobile payment service called Cash. I was introduced to this one before I’d heard of Venmo, but I now use them both. However, I find Cash to be much more user-friendly: it’s very simple to use and understand and doesn’t have the extra social stuff that Venmo does. It’s definitely worth checking out if you’re not into Venmo, and it also doesn’t hurt to have two options.

3. Grammarly Keyboard (iOS/Android | Free)

I’ll admit it — I’m a Grammar Nazi. I have been a fan of Grammarly for a while now, and have the grammar checker installed on my computer and so when I found out about Grammarly’s new smartphone keyboard, I was unashamedly excited.  I downloaded it and gave it a try. This is such an awesome app for people who struggle with correct grammar usage, especially when writing an important email or text message. This just kind of amps up your smartphone’s autocorrect by not only offering word suggestions but also by offering grammar corrections as well. I only wish this could be permanently integrated into every phone’s autocorrect system.

4. Percentage Calculator (iOS/Android | Free; option to remove ads)

If you’re like me, you can’t calculate a percentage to save your life. However, if you’re also like me, you hate paying full price for things and are constantly on the hunt for good deals, which means you need to calculate percentage discounts (especially at Hobby Lobby, amirite?). There are a few percentage apps on the market, but I like this one best out of the few that I’ve tried. It not only calculates simple percentages, but it also does tips, discounts, price/quantity, percentage increase/decrease, and converts fractions to percentages (yaaas), along with several “business calculator” options. If the math part of your brain is basically useless like mine is, this app is a necessity!

5. PDF Converter Ultimate (iOS/Android | Free; optional in-app purchases)

DISCLAIMER: I was contacted by Cometdocs, and asked to try out their app and to write an honest review.
Converting files to PDF form can be very useful, especially if you have a document that you would prefer to have in image form to share more easily. This PDF converter has a very sleek and user-friendly design while allowing you to do a whole lot with it. You can easily convert files from Gmail, iCloud, Dropbox, Google Drive, OneDrive, and Box. You simply tap the icon from which you’d like to get your file, tap the file that you’d like to convert, choose “convert to PDF,” and the app converts it for you in about a minute or less. Then it shows up in the “converted files” section of the app. I found it very easy to use and this is an extremely useful tool to have, especially if you share files a lot.

Are you interested in giving any of these apps a try?
Let me know what you think if you do!

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