Book Tag: My Reading Habits

This is a super fun tag for people to discuss their bookish habits: the good, the bad, and the weird!

Source: Alysha @ Bookish & Bright

Do you have a certain place at home for reading?

Not really, though I probably should. I don’t have a designated reading spot — I’ll read in bed or in my recliner or even at work. But I probably should make a cozy reading spot to encourage myself to read more.

Bookmark or a random piece of trash?

Preferably a bookmark. I don’t always have one readily available, but I will try to use a neatly folded post-it note or something like that rather than just random trash.

Can you stop reading anytime you want or do you have to stop at a certain page, chapter, part, etc.?

I can stop anywhere. I’ve never had a problem putting my book down when I’m done reading. Heck, I can even stop in the middle of a word!

Do you eat or drink while reading?

I eat and drink while doing just about everything. I don’t have a problem doing this, though I do run the risk of getting more involved in eating my snack than actually reading my book.

Can you read while listening to music/watching TV?

Absolutely not, but I wish I could. I seriously can’t concentrate on reading when there’s anyone talking or singing in the background. The only type of music I can somewhat listen to while reading is classical, but even that can get distracting. When I’m trying read in a place where I can’t control the noise, I’ll listen to some ambient music or white noise. That’s about all I can handle.

One book at a time or several at once?

Several books at once. I have such a long TBR and such a short attention span that I can’t stick to just one book. I’ll usually read one physical book and one audiobook at a time.

Reading at home or everywhere?

Everywhere! I like taking a book with me to read during random down time like at work or waiting at a doctor’s office. I find sometimes I read more when I’m not at home ad not as easily distracted.

Reading out loud or silently in your head?

In my head. I’ve never enjoyed reading aloud, plus I feel like it’s generally not socially acceptable to read aloud in public.

Do you read ahead or skip pages?

I don’t read ahead (anymore), but I do sometimes skip boring parts. I used to be a pretty disorganized reader. I remember when I was younger and reading the 4th Harry Potter book, I wanted to find out what happened and I skipped around so much that I forgot where I originally was. I don’t do that anymore, haha.

Breaking the spine or keeping it new?

The spine is one of the most important (and visible) parts of the book, so it should be kept new! I don’t get why people break spines in right away, but I prefer my books stay looking as pristine as possible.

Do you write in books?

I don’t, but I don’t have any problem with it. I am just too much of a perfectionist to write in my books and not feel like I ruined them, although I do like the idea of annotating books for future reference.

2 thoughts on “Book Tag: My Reading Habits

  1. I love reading in a comfortable place,for eg.on my bed,in the recliner or under a tree on a warm summer day…I always have my note pad,highlighter,book marker and pen (dictionary too but now I just google) Love having my favourite snack close by while i read (chocolate,popcorn etc…) I love reading one book at a time,i hate stopping in middle of a good book! once i am reading I am lost to the outside world,i go all the way in! So I do not do anything else when I am reading…Omygosh,I am so careful with my books Rachel! I do not like writing in them,that’ s why i keep my notepad close by so i can make my jottings…I try my very best to keep my books in the best condition! Love,love this post,you can probably tell by this lengthy comment!


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