Hi, there! I’m Rachel, and I’m so glad you’re here!

I’m a writing tutor, book hoarder, quote collector, journal scribbler, avid crocheter, world traveler, nap taker, & cat lover. Starting at a very young age, I developed a love for words — a love that has stayed with me my whole life, whether it be via reading, writing, journaling, or talking (which I happen to do a lot of).

I live in Texas with my husband and our beloved cat, Lily. I currently work part-time as a writing tutor at a community college, and I also edit papers and manuscripts for students and indie authors when I can.

I mostly share book reviews and book discussions here, but I also enjoy writing about lifestyle things and thoughts.

When I’m not reading or writing, I can usually be found tending to my succulents, crocheting, or cuddling with my cat. Or napping. I do a lot of napping.

Quick Facts About Me

  • I am a born and raised Texan
  • I did classical ballet for 13 years
  • I am an expert napper
  • My favorite season is fall
  • I am obsessed with Christmas music
  • I have an aversion to sunshine and hot weather
  • I enjoy documentaries about almost anything
  • I have an addiction to TV shows (Dexter is my fav)
  • I can understand a fair amount of Spanish
  • I prefer vanilla over chocolate

Let’s Be Friends

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