Here are some of the kind words that previous clients have had to say…

“Having Rachel as an editor has been wonderful! She’s willing and able to answer all of my millions of questions that range from character development, storyline, and scene layout. She has been great at catching and fixing all of my grammatical errors as well as spelling and style (helping to maintain it throughout the story). As an editor, she has helped me tremendously with tackling my first novel, which is by no means a small feat at over a 100,000 words. She’s truly been a delightful editor to work with.” –Taylor E.

“My experience with Rachel has been very pleasant and professional. Not only is she prompt and professional in her correspondence, but her edits are classy and to the point. As someone who has never had an editor before, she has set the bar high for future interactions. I would definitely recommend her services to anyone who needs them, whether you are a new author or an experienced one looking for a new editor.” –Sterling S.